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Egypt Elections 2011

This page is no longer updated.


Links to breaking news and analyses on the 2011 Egyptian parliamentary elections

Our political map of Egypt

Get the full size map and more details on parties and coalitions here, a document prepared by Jacopo Carbonari.

Also see this chart on the electoral process.

Other resources

  • The Atlantic Council’s Egypt Source is headed by longtime Egypt expert Michele Dunne, formerly of the Carnegie Endowment, and includes a diversity of bloggers

  • The Carnegie Endownment’s Guide to Egypt’s Transition has the most recent research by their analysts and outlines of personalities, parties, and the legal framework.

  • Jadaliyya has a special Egypt elections page with primers on personalities and parties.

  • The recognized leader on election issues in the International Foundation for Electoral System, whose Egypt page has various papers on the details electoral of the electoral system. I think it’s telling of what they must think of Egypt’s utterly flawed, badly prepared electoral system that the Egypt country director has just released a paper called Strategic Planning for Effective Electoral Management.

  • Egypt Electionaire has a simple questionaire to find out which party is closest to your beliefs.

  • The Egypt-centered blog/news website Bikya Masr has party profiles.

  • The Guardian has published an election primer.