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Links for 24-25 November 2010

Not many links as I've out to Alexandria and elsewhere reporting and otherwise busy writing.

In Alexandria while waiting for an appointment with NDP candidate Abdel Salem Mahgoub, who is a former governor of the city and a former spymaster (apparently in the 1970s he was the handler for Egyptian double-agents that were feeding disinformation to the Israelis), I shot the following video. This was at a sports center in a lower-income neighborhood where a businessman was giving the center LE1.5m as part of Mahgoub's campaign. Mahgoub's main opponent, incumbent MP Sobhi Saleh of the Muslim Brothers, has been banned from holding any rallies and his supporters arrested and attacked.My footage shows the training facilities where local area martial artists train for their electoral shenanigans.

Click here to see video.

Also, here's a Flickr slideshow: